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Halligan’s offers some of highest quality grills and most innovative outdoor lighting solutions on the market today. When it comes to reliability and longevity we don’t offer anything but the best. From gas, charcoal, smokers, electric and solar we offer a wide selection of all types of grills, plus the most attractive outdoor lighting available today.

Halligan’s wants you to enjoy your outdoor cooking and be safe. Click below for some Grilling Safety Tips from HPBA:

grilling safety tips

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is based on an Asian design for a clay oven that is more than 3,000 years old, known as the ‘kamado’. In the previous century, American serviceman stationed in Japan tried the tasty, juicy dishes prepared in the characteristic clay pot and took it home with them to the United States to enjoy the delicious food it produced.
Opening its doors in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in 1974, Big Green Egg made it possible for people across America to purchase this Asian jewel. The company stated by importing Japanese and Chinese ‘kamados’. However, over time they developed the perfect model, benefiting from ceramic technologies advanced by NASA. A decision was reached to produce them in Mexico given the country’ impressive history in ceramics and acclaim for its excellent production methods. Before each Big Green Egg leaves the factory, it undergoes a final, meticulous inspection. The factory is ISO9001 certified, which means that it satisfies the highest quality standards applying to the industry.
Because of its ultimate combination of structure, production and unrivaled ceramics, the Big Green Egg is a truly sustainable cooking device offering longer useful life than any other comparable type. Natural clay or ordinary ceramics do not deliver the same level of strength, weather – resistance and thermal insulation as a ceramic material used in the Big Green Egg, that can be heated over and over again without losing its quality.


The American Outdoor Grill is designed and manufactured by R.H. Peterson. For over a half century, their focus on innovation and investing in state of the art equipment has made them into one of the top manufacturers of outdoor products. Quality construction combined with high performance has brought this American made grill to thousands of homes. Whether you choose built in or free standing, the AOG grill will provide you and your family with the ultimate outdoor experience you’re looking for.


Broilmaster has been manufacturing their Premium Gas Grills right here in the USA since 1966. Broilmaster, which is now owned by Empire Comfort Systems, has built a reputation for making high-quality; durable gas grills that are packed with innovative features. Due to the history of the Broilmaster Premium Gas Grill’s durability, they are definitely life-long keepers to pass on to generations. Broilmaster strives to produce high-quality Premium Grills with exceptional performance, so that the backyard chef will always seem like a pro in any outdoor setting.


What started as a tiny steel fabrication plant in Ontario, Canada has become one of the leading and most well-respected grill manufacturers in North America. While still being privately owned, Napoleon has become the largest producer of gas and charcoal grills, as well as fireplaces and other outdoor living products. They are known for their history of innovation, with a number of inventions to their name, including their infrared system that uses less energy while cooking faster and more efficiently. They pride themselves on their dedication to honesty and customer service, and this dedication has made them one of the most recognizable names in grilling today.


FireMagic Grills are consistently rated highly both by review sites and by consumers. They are known for their superior design, consistent heat, and durability. Unlike most of their competitors – they don’t make appliances..nor have they shifted production to China. They have been making professional quality grills since 1937 – right here in America! They have always been known for cooking well, and until recently had left the beauty awards to others, well that has changed. FireMagic still cooks better than any other grill – but now also looks nicer than others too. That’s right; the secret weapon of the top Professional Chefs in New York is their Fire Magic Barbecue Grill. Most were introduced to Fire Magic as guest chefs on the Today Show on NBC- Yes, those are Fire Magic Grills that Matt, Al and Savannah are beside. Fire Magic grills are the hottest grills available, this sears the meat, sealing in the natural juices – so your steaks just taste better!

There’s a 1000 degree difference between high and low. On low it’s low enough to be slow cooker, on high the stainless steel glows infra-red. But I love 1 1/2″ rib eye steaks, so I just set it to medium. And don’t forget to create those beautiful cross hatch marks – the sign of a true professional.


Twin Eagles creates sleek, luxurious and meticulously engineerd grills, as beautiful as they are high performance. Prestigious, innovative designs you’ll love – and the outdoor cooking equipment you deserve – surprisingly attainable.
Our grills offer several unique features that together deliver unparalleled performance. Look to the engineering details for the secret sauce in Twin Eagles’ grilling perfection – the culmination of decades of experience and innovation by our masters of engineering and design.

Twin Eagles offers built-in premium grills, built-in cooking and bar accessories, access doors and warming drawers, gas and electric heaters, ventilation, freestanding grill bases and accessories.


The grill is the cornerstone of any outdoor kitchen but it is the complementary products that bring it to life. At Delta Heat, we have thought through your cooking, storage and entertaining needs. Our offering is complete, giving you the products you need to create a space that is unique to you – a space that suits you and your family’s personal cooking and entertaining style.

Delta Heat offers freestanding and built-in premier gas grills and built-in cooking accessories including single and double side burners, access and storage drawers, built-in bar accessories.


With the widest selection of innovative outdoor gas lighting solutions Tempest Torch have created designs for landscape lighting, outdoor living spaces, retail & business lighting, walkways, pool areas, exterior pillars and walls. The Tempest Torch comes in two versions – a very easy manual light system or an electronic ignition version that allows multiple units either to be turned on/off by the flip of a light switch or to be tied in to your home’s automated lighting system. Tempest Torch creates a natural patent-pending ‘venturi’ effect causing the flames to spiral and dance within the tempered glass walls without the use of electricity. Features include automatic shut-off if the flame goes out, removable glass, easy access control panel and a choice of natural gas or propane, and portable or fixed models.

The Tempest Torch won Best Outdoor Room Furnishing and Best of Show for all Outdoor Products at the Hearth, Patio and BBQ Expo. It is manufactured by Travis Industries – North America’s largest privately owned manufacturer of hearth products.