Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace Mantels

Over 250 years ago a Golden Age of fireplace mantel designs began. It became a marvelous luxury to have such a wonderful piece around your fireplace with such precise detail and craftsmanship. Today we have sourced the very best designs that fit with every time period and almost any wallet.

Choose the size, the species of wood, and the stain or finish you want. Gather around the fireplace and enjoy the tradition loved for generations.

MANTELCRAFT – Standard Collections

Each MantelCraft mantel bears the classic architectural lines that have endured with timeless elegance. Being America’s first choice for mantels they have exceeded expectations in the market with their quality and unbeatable pricing. They lead the market with the very best in craftsmanship, design, and innovation.

Shelves are also provided and can be the perfect complement for many areas of your home. They are all custom-built to your specifications and crafted to the same exacting standard as the mantels.

KERNS-WILCHECK – Antique Collections

Kerns-Wilcheck has offered innovative designs for unique and elegant interiors for a quarter of a century. They cater for very high-end clientele and are known for classically influenced designs as well as their craftsmen’s attention to detail and the skilled artistry of their finishing department.

They have also developed an extensive line of Powder Room Vanities, Trumeaus and Mantels, all of which are built on a per order basis allowing for a perfect custom fit. The company was established with a unique design mission. Continuing this mission today they continue to design and develop interior architectural elements and furnishings that stand out as much as many fabulous antique pieces only found in some of the world’s greatest ancestral homes.

CHESNEY’S – Stone Collection

Chesney’s range is handcrafted in the finest natural stone and complemented by Chesney’s unique range of styles that include both traditional and contemporary designs. Consistently they search for the finest materials and visit quarries throughout Europe and Asia to find the very best. They are forever looking to add to the range and quality of materials and to find original, inventive ways of using them.

Integrity of design is intrinsic to every Chesney’s fireplace. Their period fireplaces are exact copies of antique originals recognized by conservation bodies worldwide for their authenticity. Contemporary fireplaces are the handiwork of today’s leading designers to reflect current trends in interior decoration.

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